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You get what you vote for…

Bitterroot Politics - You get what you vote for…

Oh Manzella, you’re not being discriminated against

It’s taken a few days to get my thoughts together after my head exploded hearing Rep. Theresa Manzella speak in favor of House Bill 615 which is the Montana GOP’s version of RFRA. The same bill that was passed in Indiana that has led to several large companies declaring their boycott of the state. It means millions in lost revenue as businesses cancel plans to hold events in the state. It’s been a black eye for Indiana and would have had a similar impact here.

In supporting the bill on the House floor, Manzella said that she’s been discriminated against as a Christian.

Based on her comments, the extent of her discrimination was someone calling her a “Jesus freak.” She didn’t point to times she’s been refused service for her beliefs. She was presumably allowed to marry the person of her choice despite her beliefs. She probably even had a cake at her wedding. She offered no examples of how she’s been discriminated against because of her religion.

Presumably she is referring to the idea that if she operated a businesses, she would be expected to serve people with beliefs different than her own. Of course I’m sure she would also deny services to divorced people, obese people, atheists, and those wearing mixed material clothing. (All things against Biblical law)

The fact is, Manzella doesn’t know what discrimination is. She’s likely never been treated the way the MT GOP has been treating the LGBT community. She’s likely never faced the fear of being assaulted (verbally or physically) just for being who she is. She’s living in her own bubble in the Bitterroot and needs a reality check. She should go sit with some of the LGBT members of the Legislature and get to know them and what they go through. Or pick up a dictionary and look up discrimination.

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