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You get what you vote for…

Bitterroot Politics - You get what you vote for…

Ballance working against herd immunity

As if Nancy Ballance couldn’t get weirder… Now she expresses her opposition to required immunizations for kids attending public schools.

House bill 158 would add the chicken pox vaccine to the list of required immunizations for attending public schools. Some House Republicans, including Ballance, were looking to include a “personal belief” exemption in addition to the already included medical and religious belief exemptions. In other words, if you’re one of the anti-vaxxers that refuse to immunize their children, you could get an exemption.

Ballance must have a short memory. It was just a few years ago that Pinesdale and Corvallis schools were hit hard by a pertussis (whooping cough) outbreak due in large part to unimmunized students.

It only makes sense that if you expect to send your kids to a public school, you should be required to immunize them to protect other kids from preventable diseases. If you’re going to ignore science and leave your kid vulnerable, you can stay home and school your child yourself. The schools have a responsibility to ensure the safety of their students. That includes diseases we have created vaccines for.

Ballance continues her reign of nutty with this one. Who exactly is she working for?

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