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You get what you vote for…

Bitterroot Politics - You get what you vote for…

Black helicopters in the Bitterroot

If you didn’t know better, you would think the U.N. was a daily presence in the Bitterroot Valley. Flying their black helicopters around and telling everyone what they can and can’t do with their land.

At the Legislature this week, a bill (HB 583) banning the implementation of Agenda 21 made it’s way out of the judiciary committee and onto the House floor. 

Agenda 21 is a favorite of the conspiracy theorists. Their claims have nothing to do with the truth but that hasn’t stopped them from continuing to harp on it. 

Agenda 21 is a set of guidelines put out by the United Nations, aimed at third world countries, that help them (and anyone really) to develop communities and cities in a sustainable way. It’s not a law. It’s not a treaty. It’s not a goal. It’s helpful advice for governments looking to develop sustainable communities within their borders. 

It’s helpful advice. Nothing more! Any government in the world is free to adopt whatever aspects of it they want. They’re also free to not follow the guidelines. There’s no enforcement mechanism. No penalties for not following the guidelines. 

None of that seems to sink in with the Agenda 21 conspiracy theorists however. They all insist the U.N. is out to take their property, their guns and whatever else they hold dear.

So they put a bill forth in the Legislature to ban its implementation in Montana. It also banned any state money going to NGOs (Non Governmental Organizations – Nonprofits) that would be implementing any aspect of Agenda 21. In other words, any group working toward sustainable communities would have been ineligible for state funding in any way. 

The four Bitterroot Valley Legislators – Nancy Ballance, Ron Ehli, Ed Greef and Theresa Manzella – all voted in favor of the legislation. They played to their fringe constituency and made a mockery of good governance. They gave credence to the lies and dishonesty of those pushing this conspiracy theory. It’s poor reserach and poor understanding of reality. It’s willful ignorance.

That’s all I’ve got time for… I have an indoctrination meeting to go to.

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