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You get what you vote for…

Bitterroot Politics - You get what you vote for…

The tale of Valerie Stamey continues

If you didn’t see the county commissioners’ calendar early in the week or last week when it was initially released, you would have missed something. The commissioners are going to discuss the notion of taking action against disgraced treasurer Valerie Stamey.

A year ago, they suspended her for taking the county and several county entities to the brink of bankruptcy. It then took them about six months before they decided to stop paying her. At the same time they started discussing whether they should file a lawsuit to recoup some of the costs to the county.

In their delay between deciding to sue her and actually filing the lawsuit, Stamey split. That meant she was never served with the lawsuit. That meant that when her house was repossessed, the county didn’t get any of the proceeds because they took to long to file their lawsuit.

Now, a year after first suspending her, and nearly six months after deciding to file a lawsuit, the commission is finally getting around to discussing hiring a process server to track Stamey down and serve her with their lawsuit. Why wasn’t this discussion held months ago?

Whatever Stamey’s name is now, she should have been served months ago, when we still knew where she was… like when she was collecting her paycheck in the parking lot of the county building. Instead, we get to spend even MORE money to hire someone to track her down.

This is the ultimate illustration in bad governing. You get what you vote for folks.


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