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You get what you vote for…

Bitterroot Politics - You get what you vote for…

Subpoena first, ask questions later

According to THIS story, Rep. Ron Ehli has proven he’s more interested in getting media attention for his shenanigans than actually doing the right thing.

Ehli and fellow Republican Art Wittich issued subpoenas to state welfare workers because of some conspiracy theory they heard that the governor is telling workers to sign people up for aid (food stamps and such) without looking into whether they qualify or not.

It’s fine to look into these kinds of allegations. That’s certainly their right. But the right way to go about it is to just ask the leaders of the departments to come discuss the allegations first. You don’t subpoena workers without first trying to do things cooperatively. If the leaders of those departments aren’t willing to work with you then you can pursue other options, but to just start off with the most aggressive legal strategy just shows the partisan divide you hold in your mind, and that you’re hoping to attract attention to your actions.

Neither of those two things are admirable qualities for a governmental leader. Be better than that. This is Montana. Neighbors work together. Communities pull together, regardless of political beliefs, to help one another. Show that same spirit of togetherness when you govern. Treat state workers (and indeed, all workers) with the respect they deserve.

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