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You get what you vote for…

Bitterroot Politics - You get what you vote for…

County legislators and Americans for Prosperity

Americans for Prosperity, the Koch Brothers backed Super PAC released their scorecard for the 2015 Montana Legislature earlier this week.

They scored Montana’s legislators based on their votes on some of their key issues. Namely, voting down expansion of Medicaid, funding charter and private schools with public money, eliminating some campaign finance rules aimed at dark money, and lowering income taxes. There were a few other issues but they mostly fall into those categories.

Is it any surprise that all Ravalli County legislators except Pat Connell scored a perfect 100% on AFP’s scorecard? They all voted exactly as they were told by this out-of-state special interest group.

It’s a sad state when not one of these legislators could vote in the interests of their constituency on a couple of these issues. Ravalli County’s poverty level is pretty high and citizens in need of expanded Medicaid coverage got the shaft from their legislators. The county is the former home of Marcus Daly, a copper baron, and a reason why Montana has always had strict campaign finance rules. The valley schools are always struggling to make ends meet with the limited funding they have and these legislators all want to take money OUT of the school system to put it into charter and private schools?

The Koch brothers certainly got their money’s worth in Ravalli County. The Republican legislators are clearly bought and paid for and happy to vote how they’re told.

You can see the scorecard for yourself HERE.


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